Friday, February 18, 2011

Is a Puppy a Garden Ornament? NOT!

Well, I'm not as far into my spring pruning and gardening as I had hoped.  There was this DISTRACTION.
Puppy in rare almost quiet moment.....

Behold THE PUPPY!  This is our foster puppy - a six-month old Shih Tzu boy, happy and healthy and full of bounce.  Loving life on the farm while waiting for someone loving to adopt him with a "forever home".

Meanwhile, he has tried out eating the bark mulch (threw that up), pulled out some winter weeds (got pets for that one), pulled out some winter bulbs (foster mom realized that praising his "weeding" abilities was going to have repercussions), dragged around garden tools, carried gardening gloves all around the yard, and slept in the Muck Boots.

A PUPPY.  What on earth was I  THINKING?????

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