Sunday, December 26, 2010

Virginia Beach Blizzard!

We are enjoying a day-after-Christmas whiteout here on the farm.  Made it out during a lull to take treats to the chickens and to refill their regular food containers.  Although a few hardy chooks were ambling about out of the cozy coop, most were content to stay inside out of the wind and snow.

The big surprise of the morning was discovering that my little cheap-o, pocket digital camera was not only taking still photos, but also videos. This was apparently because my awkward, gloved fingers were landing on a button I've never used before.  Who knew???

So, here for everyone's amusement (forgive the waving camera - I had no idea what it was doing) are two unexpected videos:  one of Cuppers (Cupcake) the peacock enjoying the warm coop and another of Mr. Chicken and the girls having a nosh at the in-coop feeder.


  1. Great videos! Ah, technology. Always a surprise in store for us! I am SO ready for spring!

  2. Ha, ha,ha! :D If only I'd known I was taking videos, maybe I'd have done a clearer job. Fun, nonetheless!

    Me, too! Ready for spring! I'd spending this snowstorm in by the fire reading seed catalogs!

    Do you know One of my favorites and Bill is a great guy!


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