Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowstorms Finally Over in Virginia Beach....

It is beautiful - hope all the farm plants are doing well down in there under the snow. Our little farm looks very pretty with its frosting of snow....

Even though the scenery looks chilly, I know that this snow is actually protecting the more tender plants and is a blessing for the Pineapple Guava (Feijoa sellowiana) -- although this shot was taken after I'd already been out TWICE yesterday, knocking about 6" off the plants each time!

This was a "third place" snow of all time - 11.4 on the books and well over my boots here at the farm.  Undaunted, however, we brushed off the Christmas Flamingoes and they are once again bobbing triumphantly at the back door - snow or no snow!

Happy Winter, Everyone!


  1. Beautiful shot of the house! Ha! Ha! I like the flamingoes!

    I can't believe this weather. C'mon spring!

  2. The inflatable, lighted flamingo pair got an especially large dose of appreciation this Christmas while decorating the snow! :) No bad weather can stop a truly tacky holiday display!!!


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