Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow on the Loquats!

Although it still hasn't been enough to cover the ground underneath, the loquats look lovely with their coating of fluffy, white snow.

Sometimes it is just delightful to see the garden covered in white - a cold, peaceful respite from gardening chores.  We are tucked in by the fire, reading and baking holiday cookies. No outside concerns for us today!

Alas for the poor bananas, which, once again, didn't get cut back or covered before the first hard cold.  They do come back regardless but I fear it will be another year before I ever discover how to have fruit.


  1. Today was definitely a "hot chocolate" kind of day. Drinking hot chocolate and watching out the windows and seeing the snow fall. The trees do look pretty with the snow on the tops of their branches.

  2. I like to call forgetting to / not cutting perennials back 'easy mulching.' Loquats and bananas are part of a dream world for me. Sounds nice.

  3. Ho, ho, ho, - I love the "easy mulching" idea, OG! I was always impressed with the incredible array of things, including our fig trees, that our Canadian customers managed to grow well.

    Definitely hot chocolate for me, Veggie! Any excuse, actually but this week is the Real Thing for us southerners......


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