Monday, December 27, 2010

Raised Beds in the Snow....

Find the 14' raised beds (there should be 4 in this photo) and the nice crop of swiss chard that was under the arch....

Bonus points for noticing the hoop house high tunnel in the background.

We've never before had snow deep enough that you could not find the raised beds - and these aren't drifts!

Amazement in the garden! - Sybil


  1. This weather is unbelievable! What happened to our mild Hampton Roads winters? I'm glad the hoop house high tunnel didn't cave in! That was some heavy snow!

  2. Hi Sybil. Looks like you guys got loads of snow in Virginia Beach! We had about 10"-12" in Newport News. Just like your garden, our raised beds disappeared and have only recently started to emerge as things melt. I've never seen this much snow (or seen it last on the ground this long) in Virginia in my 32 years. Have a great New Year.

  3. Still snow on the ground - is anyone still getting goods from the garden beds? I think this thaw will start my bed renovations for next year - this year is done, except for garlic waiting for the spring!


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