Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Foot of Snow and more....

This truly has become a Tidewater Blizzard!  I've been out twice to clean the heavy, wet snow off branches of our large-leaved "tropical" trees, like my beloved Loquats, and shaken what I could from the Feijoa and Gardenias.  Everything was bent flat under the weight. The tiny sparrows and chickadees shelter under the umbrella of the Loquats near the porch, appreciating the feeders and the respite from the blowing snow.

Here is Cupcake, the Peacock (named for his favorite food), dashing for the warmth and protection of the chicken coop. 

As I fuss over my chooks and Cupcake, making sure they are snug and safe, I can't help but cast admiring and pitying eyes at the valiant little  sparrows and chickadees, brilliant Cardinals and voracious Mockingbirds - all of whom are cheerfully weathering this storm in the open, hopping about and gobbling up any and all seeds I make available to them. Although I don't  normally "feed birds" on a regular basis, I do put some munchies out during this kind of weather - just to make sure that they have enough energy to stay warm overnight.

My thoughts go out to those who are without shelter during this storm - humans and animals alike, wishing that all of them could have happy, warm homes like ours.

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