Friday, November 5, 2010

Find the Tiny Possum

Tiny possum decided to take up residence in an old bird's nest in one of our Chindo viburnums. Drove the small dogs crazy.  Tender-hearted VBAC officer picked up said possum and transported it a few miles down the road. 

We already know from experience that just moving them to another part of the farm does nothing.... and possums and small dogs are not at all a Good Mix.  (No, the VVBAC officer didn't murder it -  thank heavens that policy has been rescinded.)

This is the lovely and very kind VBAC officer admiring her "catch".  Possum had an earlier injury to its tail, hopefully not from one of our pups.  Despite all their shots, I really didn't want them swapping bodily fluids with a possum.  Uck.

Turns out that if you hold a possum by the naked, prehensile tail, they can't muster enough "ab" muscle strength to curl up and bite you. 

This, and my predisposition to napping, have made me seriously consider what portion of my ancestral gene pool contains possum.  I shall  be thinking of this in the next Pilates class where I'll be doing my best to Play Dead.

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