Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wal-Mart to Buy Fresh and Local?

Erin Barnett, Director, Local Harvest,
has a email newsletter just out discussing her thoughts on the new initiative by Wal-Mart to buy local produce.  Is this another attempt to move into, underprice and destroy a small cottage industry or does it represent recognition by large corporations of how important this once grassroots-only local food movement has become?  I loved her take on the broad, almost intuitive meaning that local food has for most of us.

In the article Erin says, "For me, "local food" is a kind of shorthand for an entire ethic. In this ethic, food is produced under quality conditions, on a scale that feels human rather than corporate, by people whose focus is on natural resource stewardship as much as it is on the bottom line, in a business whose owners do right by their employees. On the consumer side of this ethic, the food is purchased, prepared and eaten with awareness of its true value."

I think this is what appeals to all of us: that feeling of a caring connection - what  Erin describes as "kindness" - between the producer and consumer, the worker and the farmowner, the farms and their communities.

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For the original NY Times article on Wal-Mart's new buying local initiative, go here:

I'm thinking maybe the world is changing after all?

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