Friday, October 29, 2010

Compost Cab

Yes! It's a compostable scrap taxi!
I stumbled on this interesting and hilarious new business this morning and just had to share.

Compost Cab is a very special service that has debuted in Washington, DC.  Yep, practically on our local doorstep - but urban enough for serious restrictions on back-to-the-land home farming efforts.  So there you are, city folk -  you've absorbed all of the information on conserving, recycling your recyclables, saving your compostable materials... how do you actually make the final leg of the food-to-garden recycle-cycle happen?  Sure, there are city recycling bins and pickups for your paper, metal, plastic ... but compost?

Enter the Compost Cab! They give you a bin, you fill it and off it goes to a nearby organic farm to make delectable, fertile compost. You owe it to yourself to read their blog and check out how it works - not because you need it but because it's so fun to see this kind of innovation. Wait! On the other hand, if you are "in town" Norfolk, Hampton... or buried in neighborhood restrictions... maybe you DO need a Compost Cab!

 From their website:

Compost Cab makes it easy to compost in the city.

We deploy a cleanconvenient, and cost-effective pick-up service for your organics. Then we deliver these materials to a nearby not-for-profit urban farm, where they’re transformed into the fertile soil needed to grow good, nutritious food for the local community. Everybody wins.
As we pursue our shared goals of building a more sustainable city and living healthier lives, we’re excited to invite you to join Compost Cab. Please sign up now and you’ll be composting before you know it!


  1. Thanks for the kind words and enthusiasm. We're excited to be building a business committed to making sure that we put our "waste" to its best and highest use -- growing new food!


    founder, Compost Cab

  2. Keep us posted, Jeremy! I can't wait to see how this develops!!

  3. The term "waste" seems to be such a negative term for compostable materials nowadays. Maybe it should be changed to something more positive like "organic based compostables".

    Best of luck to you in your endeavors!

    Veggie PAK


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