Monday, October 4, 2010

Banner Magic

No, no, in answer to questions, I haven't actually changed the blog -- but I have discovered that I can do artsy things with the top banner.  Well, sort of artsy things... being limited only by my limited-edition Photoshop.  I've been playing with photos, large and small, to see what might make a nice heading that better represented our farm.  That's little Chick Number Six in the left hand banner photos that are up right now. 

I was terribly fond of her, brave little orphan, but she got et by a snake. I was not, not, not pleased.  I know we are a certified wildlife backyard habitat.... and we do support the rights of natural predators and those wild things that had prior rights to this land but that's a heartbreak.

Look at that feisty step!  She's on her way to get to the feed dish before the bigger chickens gobble everything up. Her mom was killed by a racoon on the one night this summer that I didn't remember to close the run after the chooks had been out free ranging in the grass. Six was a lonely little thing and would comfort herself by standing under the tall peacock and looking out from the safety of his legs. Would that I could've gotten a photo of the two of them.  It was, as they say, a picture.

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