Friday, October 1, 2010

And the Rains Kept Coming!

It rained and it rained.  yesterday, the last day of September, we logged (we waterlogged) 4" in the rain gauge.  There was a pause and then, in the night, the rains came through again.  This morning we had 3.5" more in the gauge.  All together, from the very onset of this weather system, we're up 8".  Hurray for the cosy new roof!!  We were snug as bugs during the storm.

There are roads closed all around us, we are actually marooned on the farm. Water has flooded the Pungo Ferry Bridge Road, Blackwater Road, Indian Creek Road and pretty much every access road out.  Amazingly, none of our roadside ditches are full.  Just how dry was the ground here?  This has been a wind-driven, tidal flood.... the ground has little standing water.

It is the kiss of autumn, however.  The air is now cool and the sky is gray. We have gone from muggy to chilly overnight.  All the plants I was hanging onto colllapsed overnight.  Zinnias, flat. Tomatoes, a mess. Echinacea and coneflowers?  Don't ask - all those long black seed heads are flattened all over the garden.  So much for the little finches who have enjoyed munching every seed remaining in those old flower heads.

Sentimentality over the end of the summer season is gone.  I am now prepared to head out in the lovely fall weather promised for this weekend to tear out wet, nasty flower beds and everything else I can lay my hands on. 

Let there be tidy ground!!!


  1. We measured 14 inches from Sunday night to Friday morning. Our daughter's wedding was Saturday, in our backyard, so we used a sump pump to extract lots of rainwater from our yard into the drainage ditches. We top dressed the yard with a layer of straw and managed to have a lovely wedding on a beautiful day. Many of our neighbors have standing water under their homes and up to several inches in their garages and barns.

  2. Now that's what I call great coping skills! Can't believe you got all of that done in time to enjoy a beautiful wedding on a perfect day. Congratulations!!!!!


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