Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ack! My title!

Wow, I just opened the blog to find superimposed title on title on graphic..... whoa. Back to Photoshop, something's amiss!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog on gardening! You've been blogging for years, but I have only started my vegetable garden blog this past memorial day.
    My blog address is:

    My organic vegetable garden is how I spend my time since I retired in January. That and grandbabies! I pride myself on teaching my grandchildren about vegetable gardening and raising food for themselves when they get older.

    I read with great delight that you have chosen to plant a garden for fall and winter produce. So many people only do one planting and that's it! Not me. I want all that I can get, as I help the soil to be able to produce. I am a compost fanatic some would say. I think it's just good planning. Yesterday, I discovered the blog ".09 Acres", and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I've found yours.

    Keep up the important and good work!


    Veggie PAK

  2. Thanks, VP! I loved your blog - wish I could take photos as beautiful as yours. Lots of great info going on there -- sounds like you are having a wonderful, useful time with your veggies and all of the gardening. I'll be following to see what you are up to! More fun!


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