Friday, September 10, 2010

My Favorite Tool

I've been tearing out old beds and prepping all the winter garden areas.   Every time I do this, especially the part that involved grabbing long strands of wire and Bermuda grass and pulling them out of the mulch, I'm so happy to have this tool.  I received it as a gift, labeled as a Korean Weeding Hoe.  I've given it to other gardeners, all of whom loved it as much as I do.  There's something about the shape of the blade and how it's cantilevered off the handle that is just so ergonometrically right ... for me, at least.  Now I hear that it comes in a left and right hand version -- who knew?  So, every so often I find something that richly deserves a personal recommendation.  This month, this is it.  On Amazon it's called th    eEZ-Digger - and that's pretty much exactly what it is.  Although callling it the EZ-Grass-and-Weed-Ripper-Outer would be even more accurate.  The little tool in my photo is something called a  Cobra Head weeder, which I find it perfect for getting into small spaces between garlic and onion rows.  Several gardening compatriots have complained that they don't know where I get these things so I hunted them down online and have popped a couple of links from into this post.

CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator

Short Handle EZ-Digger

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