Monday, July 26, 2010

Chick Pix!

The Three Musketeers
What're YOU looking at???

Lots of babies perking around the chicken run this past month as the last batch of eggs hatched and the little ones hopped out into the world. Banty chicks enter the world about the size of a quarter, some smaller.  How can anything so small be so inquisitive and brave?  They dash about pecking and peeping and fluttering in amazement.  We are mesmerized by their courage and their joy in everything around them.

Finally got our friend, David Fox, to bring his SLR camera back to the coop to catch the hatchlings in action. (My old digital is nowhere nearly fast enough to stop baby chick action -- all I get is blurs and butts.)

Now - ahem! Should anyone be thinking of taking up chickens and a steady supply of fresh eggs... I do have some banty pairs to give away.....  just so you know.  Can't resist letting the dedicated moms set their eggs occasionally, they are so passionately determined to give life to these little ones.  And the joy of chicks first setting out in the world is contagious - would that we could always see the world as so new!


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