Sunday, May 16, 2010

Leaping into Spring....

The jump from April into May is one of those fast leapfrog transitions that always catches me by surprise.  The weather gradually begins to warm into genuine spring, the peas curl and climb upward, the lettuces form into their lovely, distinct heads and I begin gardening in earnest.  Each April, I think I may be on top of it this year, if I really get to it and stick to a plan.  Then, whap! The thermometer hits 90, the warming soil springs up in new summer weeds and suddenly I'm behind, behinder and I wonder if I will ever catch up.  The transplants must go in NOW.  The compost should have been worked in three weeks ago! The grass is over my ankles and why won't the push mower start?  Some things never change......   Weeding away, Sybil

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  1. You, me , and the rest of the gardening world all have the same question, How do we do it all?
    Add in all the other "stuff" and it just gets harder and harder, Good thing gardens are forgiving.....


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