Sunday, May 23, 2010

The last of the beautiful month of May....

These last days of May are ones I cherish.  Right now all of the plants in the gardens look so green, so vibrant and healthy. No Japanese beetles have arrived to shred them, nothing is sun scorched or parched from summer and the general wear-and-tear of the season is all in the future.  Right now everything in the landscape is budding up, beginning to bloom, beginning to fruit and life is good!

The rabbiteye blueberries (Vaccinium ashei) are setting a really great crop of fruit this year, probably encouraged by the copious rains and relatively cool weather we've had.  We finally got out to give them each a nice dose of Holly Tone fertilizer (about a cup each at this size) It's amazing to watch the plants deepen in color and "perk up" with gentle applications of the right fertilizer. In our soil, it's a fight to keep the pH low enough (< 5) to keep blueberries healthy. Rabbiteye blueberries are about the most adaptable, uncomplaining of all the fruit plants we grow.  This fertilizer should have gone on two months ago, but better-late-than-never will have to do.  At least the berry plants each got a so-so bit of pine needle mulch to help keep the roots cool but the wire grass has moved right into it.  Now that we restrict our use of Roundup, it's a battle to keep the weeds away from the plants.  A battle I lose every summer.

Well, whatever our garden frustrations, let's go out and admire how perfect the leaves and plants look right now, before the real summer begins! We've worked for this beauty, let's enjoy it.  - Sybil

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