Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring - Salad Greens are Underway!

The salad greens are well underway.  If a severe frost/freeze comes up in the next few weeks, I'll toss some Remay row cover fabric over them - and I do expect that freeze to occur, as it does so almost every year.

The hardiest lettuces are always the Romaine and Oakleaf varieties. Not surprisingly, the tender leaves of the butterhead types are the first to suffer from inclement weather.  My favorite varieties are Little Caesar romaine, which forms small, dense heads perfect for a salad, just cut in half and lay on a salad plate for a marvelous Caesar presentation. There is only one way to eat  Caesar salad and that is with genuine, fresh homemade Caesar dressing and yes, dears, you really do need anchovies for it.  I keep a tube of anchovy paste in the fridge  - bless whomever invented this wierd stuff! - and my ever-suspicious husband is none the wiser.  Check the following for a marvelous recipe and dinner idea: Caesar Salad Dinner

But that's only the start of it.  For a startlingly beautiful salad, I always plant several of the multicolored lettuce varieties and the engaging, frilly looseleafs.  Now that's something you seldom, if ever, see in a supermarket. Tedious to clean garden dirt out of (mulch well with straw or paper!!) but wonderful.  One of the most adaptable romaine types is also the most striking - Forellenschuss. (see photo below) 
Forellenschuss is only available, as far as I've seen, from , an organization dedicated to saving, sharing and preserving seed from as wide a collection of heirloom and current unpatented varieties as possible.  This photo is from their 2010 catalog. You can download the Adobe .pdf of their color catalog at the website.  More fabulous varieties than you can imagine.
Seed Savers Exchange is also a great cause. Protect the varieties you would like to have available before a giant corporation continues seizing them under bogus patents.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am so behind! Saturday is garden day...I am going to get my peas and lettuce!


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