Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Peacock Pals

Oh, they are so entertaining! Yes, I know that as soon as they begin free ranging the gardens are probably history.  It's such a hilarious decision but I truly do get a huge kick out of them.  And I agree, Iona - I love the calls. They don't bother me - or at least they didn't until I actually moved peacocks smack under my nose.  Right now these little ones (little meaning heads at hip level on me) mostly CLICK with concern - not a cluck but a very clear, loud CLICK.  They have sort of honked and fluffed the adolescent half-tails in a very charming manner.

The chickens are right next to them in their own pen and fully prepared to bully the young peacocks whenever possible.  The chickens pop through the separating fence and snatch peacock treats if any land near their side. Much outrage!  Clicking! Posturing!  It's my hope that the peacocks will sort of "bond" with the chicken flock and follow them back to the poultry area at night. Beats having them roost on the minivan.  Want to place early bets on where they opt to perch????


  1. this will be such fun to witness...I look forward to more frequent posts...OR maybe you could put in a 'Peacock cam' like the 'Eagle cam' over at the NBG...think about it!!
    24/7 coverage of the antics of the adolescents...or at least daylight coverage.

    what a riot.

  2. (sob, sob) Three of the peacocks are GONE. They took off on a fright and FLEW about 1/2 a mile into the woods.They were subsequently sighted at several locations around the immediate area. Even after desperate hunting through thickets, briars and swamps, only one has made it back. It's been a week, our hopes are low.


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