Monday, March 29, 2010

Defending the Garden!

I enjoyed a talk by darling friend Marie Butler (horticultural diva for the Virginia Zoo) at the Pungo library this Saturday - a talk which featured not only her fabulous plant combinations for containers and beds but a variety of tales of defending the plantings against the zoo peacocks.  My favorite was the story of the zoo gardeners planting kale into the stunning front containers of the zoo while the peacocks (who apparently love kale more than cake) not only ate the plants out of the large pots (reaching up from the ground) but were snatching the seedlings out of the six-pack containers sitting next to the gardeners while they transplanted. So much for my beautiful curly kale.  This weekend promises to be in the 80's and the peacocks shall be freed. I plan to have covers over the raised beds - photos to follow. Wish us all luck.  If they munch down everything in site, they may reappear at Wren House - who knows?  We'll just tell folks they are very, very, very large egrets.

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  1. Sort of like the day I planted about 50 tulip bulbs, with stealthy Suzie Jr. right behind me, digging them out and eating every one! Turns out dogs love tulip bulbs!


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