Friday, January 1, 2010

Blue Moon

 What a beautiful Blue Moon we all enjoyed this week. Since each month is basically one lunar (moon) cycle and normally contains one full moon, a standard "blue moon" is any second full moon within one month.  In this case, we have had a truly blue moon - both the second full moon in December and also the 13th moon in the year (where normally there would be twelve, just as there are twelve months). So, whatever you have put off into "once in a blue moon".... well, here's your chance.     More on Blue Moons at

Usually in the winter months, the clear calm skies that allow for inspired full moon viewing also indicate severe freezing temperatures but this last moon appeared in an interestingly warm week (relatively speaking) here in coastal Virginia.  We mustn't be fooled, however, the cold Canadian air is falling quickly down the continent and will be here very, very soon.

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