Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hurrah for Raised Beds!

Like most of our friends and gardening acquaintances, we slogged out to the back yard after the 4-day Nor'easter cleared to see what remained of our waterlogged gardens.  Despite water over our ankles, the raised vegetable beds looked cheerful and perky.  The water had drained down from the beds, which are about 18" high, so the plants roots were airing out as the water pooled in all the low areas around the garden.

This is in happy contrast to the way plants in our heavy, wet clay soil would contract fungal diseases and die during the winter months.  I am even  more an advocate for raising planting beds after seeing how well we fared in this lousy weather.  With over 8" of rain down at our farm - not as much as some of you got, I know - it's a delight to wade out to find great lettuce, greens and even some late peppers still perfect to harvest for a quick meal.  Broccoli is heading up (had to murder a few cabbage worms this morning), cabbage and greens looking good!

Hope everyone fared nearly as well - although I know of at least one community garden plot in Portsmouth that was flooded with storm sewage and abandoned by the gardeners since the produce was all likely contaminated.  Very sad.

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