Saturday, October 10, 2009

Finally, Back to the Blog!

For those of you who've written to inquire gently whether I'd been strangled by weeds, overcome with humidity, ground in the processor making gallons of pesto, or just off running amok in the glorious fall weather, Thank You for your kind thoughts and, yes, I'm back and, no, it was none of those things. 

I've been working hard with a dedicated team of volunteers as part of a group called Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads.  A long, awkward moniker for a useful initiative.  Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads (hereafter to be referred to as BFBLHR, shorter but really no more fun to type) is dedicated to connecting Hampton Roads residents to the many small farms, ranchers, fisherfolks, beekeepers, herbalists and all of the wealth of folks around our cities who are busy growing, harvesting, grazing and creating wonderful things for you to eat and use.

Dozens of farms and food-related businesses signed on as partners and supporters during the first few months and, with a great deal of effort, the volunteers were able to pull together the very first publication, the Fall/Holiday 2009 Food Guide which is now available.    You can view the guide online by clicking   BFBLHR Fall/Holiday 2009 Food Guide

Want to know more about why buying local makes a difference?  Visit the Useful Gardens Webpage: Buy Fresh Buy Local


  1. This is a great thing indeed... I hope it really takes off and people start to pay attention to where their food is coming from!

  2. Strangled by weeds?! More like you was smoking some weed! Ha ha! LOL!


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