Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Harvest from Tiny Potato Garden!

Hurray!  I finally harvested the 'tater' crop from my container planting of Desiree potatoes. I have no idea why someone would give a lowly potato such a romantic name but these are gourmet potatoes worthy of desire.  The starter spuds were ordered and planted late, so this was a very late harvest for potatoes in eastern Virginia. The lovely, white-flowered vines finally died back in October so I dug in (literally) and grabbed the potatoes from the roots of the vines.

What a remarkably easy way to grow and harvest potatoes!  I will have to expound more on container growing potatoes in the spring when everyone's ready to plant.  Sure beats trying to grow taters in our clay soil without heavy equipment that the farmers use.

Eight pounds of lovely pink potatoes from one great big planter.  Yes, they really do have a delicate pink skin but are cream colored inside.  Perhaps the blushing color led to the heroine-worthy name?  They make stunning mashed potatoes - I can attest to this from some surface tubers I snatched and ate earlier this month!

My seed potatoes came from Seeds of Change, if you want to check out their many varieties of potatoes and plan for spring, just click here:   Seed of Change Potato Page.


  1. I grow mine in containers, too. This year I did the Scandinavian method and grew them in straw filled chicken wire cages. I planted fingerlings, and we had a great harvest! Next year will expand to include some varieties that store longer. It's nice to have a decent harvest of something considering the odd season everyone had this year.

  2. we've had great luck with Seeds of Change...will have to try the container taters too...
    sounds to me like pink spuds need a name like Desiree :-)


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