Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mystery Late-Season Blueberry

What a nice August surprise! One of our rabbiteye blueberry bushes has a lovely crop of late season berries ripening. We've never been able to pin down the variety. In addition to the three "standard" rabbiteye (mid-Atlantic) bluberries we grow: Climax, Premiere, and Tifblue, we also trialed lots of varieties up for evaluation as new additions to the commercial blueberry offerings. This blueberry seems to be reliably dwarf, by comparison to the larger, standard varieties, and the berries are just ripening now, 3rd week in August. My vote is Eliot, my husband says Powderblue and I'm also betting it's one that had no name, only numbers, when it came to us. It's always a nice bit of a treat to have this small harvest of a few pints of late summer berries. If anyone has a suggestion on variety name, please let me know!


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