Monday, June 8, 2009

The Beetles are Coming!

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For years, I've used a weather diary to track not only the precipation and temperature but also the changes that move through our gardens. One coincidence of timing is the match between the blooming of the Chinese Chestnuts and the arrival of the Japanese Beetles. Regardless of the weather, these two have almost pefect synchronicity. The Chestnuts bloomed this weekend. The beetles should be out in noticeable numbers by mid-week. I have the diatomaceous earth and Surround kaolin spray ready to apply before the voracious coleopterans munch their way through my plantings.

This is the advantage of keeping garden records. After a while, you begin to notice how the events turn, hand in hand, throughout the season. Soon, the parade of events, how one thing heralds the appearance of another, becomes clear and expected. "How did you know that would be next?" friends inquire. "Experience and observation", the gardener replies. And she means it.

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