Friday, April 24, 2009

Suddenly.... It's Summer!

As local temperatures hit the high 80's, the wisteria in the raised bed gardens exploded into glorious purple blooms that wafted fragrance into every gentle breeze. Yes, yes, we all know that wisteria is invasive - and stranglingly so - if not kept rigorously in check. Mine gets cropped back throughout the growing season - there's no waiting for "dormancy" with this one - and even then keeps pushing its limits throughout the summer. Most importantly, because it is a reasonable size, I'm able to prune off every seed pod that forms from those glorious blossoms, preventing the lightweight seeds from blowing into nearby stands of trees where the resulting offspring would love to vine and drape throughout the suffering tree limbs. The darling of Victorian gardens, Chinese Wisteria (Wisteria chinensis) is not a garden plant for those who love to let things go... if you are going to plant and enjoy this kind of exotic, then you must also commit to keeping it in its place, your garden, and take the steps necessary to protect the surrounding environment.

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