Monday, April 27, 2009

Strawberry Time!

The local strawberry fields were full of energetic, earlybird pickers this past weekend - April 25th and 26th, which is as early as I ever remember strawberries being ready to pick in Virginia Beach. This bounty comes to us through the efforts of the growers, who have selected very early varieties and protected the blossoms with diaphanous spun row covers, and the surprisingly hot weather.

The Pungo farms, Henleys and Bakers, were picked out by the end of the weekend but email messages from Tom Baker reassure customers that by mid-week the berries will be ready for another early harvest.

This is the best of the best of Buy Local - so don't miss it! If you need directions and info for any of the farms, go directly to the website: for contact information and a map showing where all the farms and fields are located.

Happy picking!


  1. Stoney's is selling picked local strawberries. YUM!!! Imagine, strawberries before the first of May!

  2. Flanagan's Farm opened this past Saturday and expected to have a supply through June...the kids had a blast picking yesterday :)


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