Sunday, April 26, 2009

Salad Days

Cooks Garden lettuce/mesclun mix, Romaine Little Gem forms small heads perfect for one person salads.

Weekend temperatures near 90 even out here at the farm are really pushing the lettuce crop. We're eating salads like mad, knowing that this kind of warmth pushes those timing buttons that tell the crop of greens to start bolting. Bolted lettuce has a nice sharp tang for a short while and then becomes too bitter, overpowering any salad with its flat bite. It's okay, though, our rotation plan for the raised beds calls for all the lettuce to be harvested by late May when the space is needed for the heat lovers, the tomatoes, basil and peppers.

Speaking of spring beauties, did you notice the striking display of pink beauties at Home Depot on Sunday? Yep, those were the sunburned gardeners from Saturday - sunburned but still determined, loading up on more supplies and doing an outstanding job of stimulating the local economy via the garden centers.


  1. The term salad when used alone applies to green leaves or stalks that are eaten uncooked. An extension of the term salad, as now more generally used throughout the world, applies to a salad plant, with or without other foods, and a dressing.

  2. oh see now I do have lettuce our little garden lettuces of all kinds are simply rabbit we must be content with the last of the winter mustard greens and some arugula that bunnies don't seem to notice.


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