Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dude, Where's My Lawn?

We've been worried about local honeybees and other pollinators, so this spring we gave them a gift - we held off mowing most of the five acres and let the beautiful purple henbit, dandelions and other flowering "weeds" have their day.
The bees were ecstatic and you know what? It is absolutely beautiful.
Want to learn more about the plight of bees and the wonderful world of beekeepers? Hike over to the Ted Project and hear the inspiring talk by Dennis vanEngelsdorp: I promise you, you'll never look at your lawn the same way again.

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  1. I have a friend in Madison County that does not mow about 1/3 of his lawn. He has a beautiful meadow - the birds, butterflies, and bees that thrive in that meadow are astounding. We have a freedom lawn here - much to the chagrin of our neighbors. I also have a redbud, and cherry tree in bloom that are keeping the bees well-fed.


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