Thursday, March 26, 2009

Potatoes... and more potatoes!

For many Hampton Roads gardeners, March - St. Patrick's Day, actually - is the folklore target date for planting cabbages, potatoes and onions. Many happy Foodies have been enjoying the new "gourmet" varieties of potatoes available through local growers, farmers markets and CSA subscriptions. On the other hand, it can be difficult for home growers to find any but the most generic seed potatoes at garden centers.

How many kinds of potatoes are available? I checked in at The Potato Garden online to see their variety list. It is amazing. Take a look:


  1. I ordered my taters from Pinetree Garden Seeds and they aren't shipping until April!

  2. I understand that all the seed companies are SWAMPED with orders! Isn't that wonderful?

    I just ordered potatoes and red Jerusalem artichokes from You've gotta see their potatoe variety list (at ) it's amazing!

    This was the only source I could find this year for Jerusalem artichoke, which is a terrific ornamental perennial that looks something like the multi-stemmed, branching small sunflowers but that also provides a delicious, crunchy root much like a water chesnut. I ordered the Red Fuseau - the tubers are gorgeous!


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