Friday, February 20, 2009

Snow's is Gone but Weather Tracking is In!

We woke on Monday, Feb. 16th to a lovely dusting of snow here in Pungo/Blackwater, as much enjoyed for the bit of wetness it brought to our landscape as for the beautiful scenery it provided. The bitter irony for the Virginia Beach children, alas, was that they were stuck inside at school - even on President's Day, normally a holiday for them - making up a "snow day" for the schoolday cancelled last month that actually brought NO snow. Go figure. I hope a few elementary teachers let the little ones go outside to at least play for a moment or two.

It's interesting to compare weather from year to year. Looking back through my weather records for this week in time, I note that on Feb. 16, 1989, there was over 15" of snow on the ground in Norfolk. So there's a ten year weather difference for you. I don't believe we've had snow like that since. On Feb. 18th, 1980 records show 14" of snow in Norfolk and more in the rural areas. Do I think winter in VBs are warmer? Well, overall, I do although we still get very cold spurts - certainly we've gotten less snow precipitation. I know that more folks are reporting fruit harvests from loquats and in-ground-bananas*, fruits whose bearing is very winter weather dependent here.

Speaking of weather records, Mike left a comment here on the blog about a mesmerizing little webpage entitled "Current weather at Jim & Terri's" (at their site in Landstown Commons) . I was captivated immediately. Reporting real time weather reports from their own backyard! I promptly followed the site, backtracking to the Weather Underground regional weather monitoring website (, get it? Hmmm... does anyone else hark back to the 60's?). Anyway, here I found The Map locating all the "Interactive Radar and Weather Stations" in our area:
Shazam! You just find your closest location, click on the little number and the site pops up. You can bookmark it and follow along at your leisure. I have now been meandering through the sites for a good hour....

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